ATDen Director/Faculty

ATDen Director

Heidi Brende Leathwood, M.AmSAT


Heidi Brende Leathwood has been teaching the Alexander Technique full-time since graduating from Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles in 1995, first in private practice in Pasadena, California, and currently at Denver University’s Lamont School of Music in Denver, Colorado, where she is also chair of the Keyboard Department. She also maintains a private Alexander practice in Denver. As a regularly performing classical pianist, Heidi has worked extensively on how the Alexander Technique can be integrated with performance, and has included this focus in her private teaching as well as in group workshops. She presented workshops on performance at the AmSAT Annual General Meeting in both 2005 and 2006, at the International Horn Symposium in 2008, and was a panelist at the national convention of Music Teachers National Association in 2008.

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Maedée DuprèsMaedée Duprès, M.AmSAT


Maedée Duprès began her study of the Alexander Technique in 1979 while performing as a modern dancer in London. Her teaching career brought her to Oberlin College and Regis University. She completed AT teacher training in 1993 with Sumi Komo and Colin Egan in Boulder, Colorado. Maedée has been instrumental in building a positive community of AT teachers in Colorado, through workshops with visiting senior teachers. Today, at “a living arts centre”, she brings artists and holistic practitioners together in a facility which is dedicated to the community’s well-being where she also practices Cranial Sacral treatment and T’ai Chi Ch’üan.

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Nada DiachenkoNada Diachenko, M.AmSAT


Nada Diachenko’s forty year career includes national and international touring and teaching with the Erick Hawkins Dance, her own dance company in New York City and as a freelance artist. She has maintained an active private Alexander teaching practice since her certification in 1999 and has created required Alexander courses and an Alexander Intensive Study in the dance MFA program at the University of Colorado where she has been a professor in the Department of Theater and Dance since 1988. Nada conducts workshops and residences in the Alexander Technique and injury prevention. Most recently she conducted two-week residencies in Brazil and Costa Rica in integrating dance and Alexander and workshops at the 2008 Annual General Meeting. In 2014, Nada became certified as a teacher in Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing.

In addition to her Alexander and dance/choreography work, Nada is a somatic specialist and a certified Muscular Therapist in the Benjamin Technique.

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