ATDen Training Policies

ATDen Training Policies


On time attendance is mandatory at each of the four sessions per week. ATDen requires that absences and tardiness be recorded, and failure to attend regularly could result in not making adequate progress and being required to complete more than 1600 hours before they are qualified.

It is the responsibility of the trainee to contact ATDen about their absence. ATDen will notify trainees if classes need to be canceled because of weather. ATDen trainees are allowed up to three days of absences from the program per term, with a total of not more than 21 days missed during their training. Additional days missed must be made up and paid for by the trainee.

In the event there is a session scheduled during a religious holiday of a trainee, the trainee will be excused from class, and a make-up for this session will be provided free of charge.

Leave of absence

If it becomes necessary for a trainee to take a leave for financial reasons or personal emergencies, his/her place may be filled by a new trainee and he/she will become eligible to reenter the class at the first subsequent opening. Alternatively, a trainee may retain his/her place by payment of the regular term fee for the term missed. In this case the total course fee would increase by that amount, since the trainee would still be expected to attend and pay for his/her full 1600 hours of training.

Taking a leave of absence may result in an interference with continuity and progress, and could mean a trainee is required to complete additional class time before certification.

Trainee progress

Trainees meet with the Director to discuss their progress at the end of each year. Other meetings may be requested by either the Director or the trainee. If a trainee is not ready to move on to the next level, the director will suggest a course of study or practice for the trainee to meet the standard of satisfactory progress. This additional work may incur extra expense.

See coursework/curriculum for what to expect.

Certificate of completion

Issuance of a Certificate of Completion will depend on the completion of a minimum of 1600 hours by the trainee and the determination of the Director and faculty that the trainee has obtained a satisfactory level of proficiency. The trainee will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the Director.

In the event that a trainee does not meet the level of proficiency required at the completion of the prescribed 1600 hours, the Director will suggest continued course of study.

Procedures for trainee’s issues

  • Trainee’s issues may be submitted to the director in person or in writing.
  • If the complaint has not been resolved to the trainee’s satisfaction, they may submit issues to
    • Training Advisors: Lyn Charlsen Klein and Pamela Blanc
    • AmSAT Training Course Approval Committee

Trainee conduct

Trainees are expected to conduct themselves as students in an environment of positive learning. Any marked departure in the form of conduct detrimental to this environment could result in dismissal.

Trainees agree not to undertake to teach the Alexander Technique nor to present themselves as Alexander Technique teachers until they have received written notification to do so from the director of ATDen.


It is recommended that trainees wear non-restrictive clothing, and clothing in which they will feel comfortable in any position (lying down, squatting, bending over, etc.)

Trainees are asked to refrain from wearing perfume or scented products that may present problems for other trainees.

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